Academic Policies of the Computer Science Department

In addition to the general university and college standards and the policies stated in the Lamar University General Catalog, the computer science department enforces the following academic standards and policies:

1. In most cases, successful completion of a class requires a grade of C or better. There are two exceptions, CS and CIS majors are expected to make a B or better in COSC 1336 before taking COSC 1337. Similarly, a grade of B or better in COSC 1337 or COSC 3306 is required before taking COSC 2336.

2. Our majors are expceted to be succesffuly in their chosen discipline. Students who have attempted at least twelve hours of computer science courses and whose GPA in such courses drops below 2.00 will be required to declare another major. Students receiving a B.S in CS or a BS in CIS will be required to have an overall GPA of atleast 2.25 and a GPA in courses taken from the computer science department of at least 2.25

3. Pursuant to university policy, full time students must take English composition each long seemster until the minimum requirements in those areas are satisfied. In addition, full-time students must also take mathematics each long semester until at least tweleve(12)hours towards the degree is completed. Students are expected to have taken mathematics at least through pre-calculus or equivalent in hight school

4. No freshman student will be allowed to take any senior-level computer science course. A student may not register for the same class more than four times. If a student is registered on the first class day, the course will appear on the student's transcript. Even if the student later drops the course or withdraws from the school for that semester (receiving a "Q" or "W" for that course), the course counts as one attempt.

Students who earn a "D" or "F" in a course will have to repeat the course. The grade replacement policy, however, allows students one chance to repeat each course and have the previous grade removed from GPA calculation(although it will still appear on the transcript). Students may obtain a grade replacement form from the Records Office. Students should submit the form to their advisor for approval before it is returend to the Records Office to be processed. This paperwork should be handled at the beginning of the semester when a student retakes the course. If a student decides to drop the course he or she is repeating before finishing the semester, the student must RESIND the grade replacement form at the Records Office to take advantage of this policy at a later date.

If a student receives an incomplete("I"), the student is allowed until the end of the next long semester to finish the work for a grade. If the student fails to complete the required work, the "I" befores an "F". A student may not register a second time for a course with an "I" because it will AUTOMATICALLY before an "F".

IF a student drops one or two courses but remains registered in another course, he or she can usually "drop" on-line or by telephone up to a certain deadline each semester(see class schedule for date)>However, if the student chooses a complete withdrawal(dropping all classes) he or she must apply to the Records Office and complete the necessary paperwork. If a student does not drop courses properly, the student will receive an "F" in all classes. Should a studetn return to school anywhere, his or her grades and grade point average(GPA) will be on the transcript the student will be required to furnish to any schoool to which he or she applies.

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