Students can work off-campus in information technology related companies after one year as a graduate student. Internships expose students to new ideas, give them real work experience, and help them financially. In addition, Internships are given 3 semester hours of elective credit towards an M.S. in Computer Science degree (COSC 5360 and COSC 5361). Students must have a 3.0 G.P.A. in order to be an intern. Below is one international student's experience as an Intern in Summer.

"When I had joined the Computer Science department at the Lamar University, I only knew C and C++ of entry level. Within two years of my study I have got an exposure to so many technologies, both in UNIX and Windows platforms. At Spindletop, I got the chance to work and I tried my best to prove my ability by implementing my knowledge. Having good knowledge of programming helped me tremendously during my internship. I have also learned many other things, which are very important when one goes to a company to work, like punctuality, finishing projects on time, good techniques for presentation etc. My experience with the Spindletop MHMR Services and working with the emplyees this past summer has given me a much better perception of Web and database design and has given me a head start in continuing my career in Computer Science field. Finally I would suggest the current CS students to work hard for getting an internship. Study and knowledge are important for getting an internship; on the other side networking techniques are equally important because job market is real bad these days. I would suggest to students to explore all their relations for getting an internship. Though intern is not necessary as a part of course requirement, I beleive that it is beneficial for anyone interested in a career in field."

Do we need the experience part??

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