Students seeking admission to this program must meet all general requirements of the College of Graduate Studies as listed in the Bulletin of the College. Additional requirements are as follows:

1. Students must have a minimum combined score of greater than 1000 on the Verbal and Quantitative sections of the GRE with at least a score of 680 on the Quantitative section.

2. For applicants whose native language is not English, a TOEFL score of at least 550 is required; Students may be conditionally admitted, with the approval of the department chair, if they do not meet the TOEFL requirement, but do complete successfully the English requirements of the Lamar Language Institute.

3. Demonstrated adequate background in programming a high level modem language such as Java or C++, Data Structures, Operating Systems and Computer Architecture. Equivalency tests are offered for a fee to those students whose transcripts do not show convincing background knowledge in one or more of the areas mentioned above. Each test may be taken only once.

4. Students with minor deficiencies may be admitted to the program if these deficiencies can be removed within approximately one long semester. However, major deficiencies must be removed before a student is admitted to the degree program.

5. At least 15 hours of mathematics including differential and integral calculus, discrete mathematics and two other courses selected from statistics, linear algebra, abstract algebra, numerical analysis and differential equations.

Students not satisfying both conditions 1 and 2 will not be admitted to the computer science program. Those students who satisfy both conditions 1 and 2 but who are deficient in other areas may be provisionally admitted to the program and may enroll in graduate-level courses.


After removal of all deficiencies and upon completion of an additional 12 hours of graduate credit, the student is required to submit a formal degree plan to the Computer Science Graduate Adviser and the Dean of the Graduate School. Every student must submit a G3 form to the Graduate Studies office before she/he completes the final nine hours of graduate credit in the degree plan.

Admission to candidacy is granted by the Dean of the Graduate School after the degree plan has been approved.

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