CS4Hire Program Description

The CS4Hire program of the Computer Science Department, Lamar University, bridges the gap between the corporate world and academia. In this program, teams of students work on projects which require substantial effort along with the academic course work. Lamar University's computer science program tresses creative and analytical thinking. The students and faculty members of Lamar's Computer Science Department are well equipped to address these projects.

The CS4Hire utilizes students and faculty who are actively engaged in research in varied areas of Computer Science including computer networks, advanced operating systems, artificial intelligence, database design, simulation, analysis of algorithms and software engineering. The CS4Hire program enables a symbiotic relationship between industry and the students of the Computer Science Department. Employers gain the services of knowledgeable and intellectually curious students, whose critical thinking brings a helping hand and a fresh perspective to their organization.

Corporate employers are often too busy to remain abreast of the latest technical advances. Employers can rely on the professional guidance of the professors who are managing the students working on the projects. The employers directly enhance the skill-set of students by adding the element of industrial training to the academic world. The industry also gains the flexibility of approaching the University after the completion of a project for help in making enhancements. The CS4Hire program also gives employers an opportunity to meet potential recruits and to introduce the benefits of working for them after graduation. The program strengthens the communication between industry and the University, helping the student to get acquainted with company requirements and the corporate work-culture.

Currently it is often difficult to get a job without experience. CS4Hire provides valuable practical experience along with academic study to produce qualified university graduates with better job opportunities. Students get the opportunity to work on real time projects relevant to their degree. They work in teams and gain in-depth knowledge of the subject. This experience helps them discover their field of interest and gives them a chance to work and improve and apply their skills at the same time. The university also gains when students bring back knowledge of what educational experience they need to succeed in today's changing economy. Hence, the CS4Hire program helps students to improve their career prospects for the future while providing industry with the best skill set available solve their problems.

Goals of CS4Hire

To promote the research work conducted by CS department in IT industries.

To assess students fitness as a future full-time employee.

To improve the management skills of students while providing an opportunity to work as part of a team.

To provide students with better future career opportunities.

To enhance the technical skills of students while providing financial support. To give students industrial experience.

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